Travel to Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud, IndonesiaIf you are planning to go for a vacation, Ubud can be the ideal place for you and your family. It is a good place if your budget is tight. It has some of the beautiful places you will ever see. When you are in Ubud, Indonesia it is mandatory to visit Hanoman Street. It is also known as the shopaholic street because people mainly go there to shop. This was a palace of the Ubud Royal Family which was turned into a shopping place but the design of the palace is still the same. So you will actually be walking in the lanes of the palace while buying stuff. Even if you do not buy anything the place is such that you could spend hours walking on the streets.

Ubud is home to some amazing museums and it is also regarded as the art hub of Indonesia. There are so many museums which are scattered all throughout the city but if you had to go to some selected ones then the ARMA museum and Neka Art Museum has to be visited at least once. They have the finest cultural heritage in display for the people. Apart from this you can also visit Atonio Blanco Museum. It is also a popular museum in Ubud.

After enjoying the museums if you feel that you need to see some nature then you can visit the Monkey forest. It has a wide range of monkey reserves and also has various species of crab eating macaques. This is basically a temple reserve and not like the normal zoos. The lush forest and the picturesque green will surely amaze you. It is home to more than 100 species of trees. Apart from the monkeys and the macaques there are other birds and animals too which you will see there.