Myrtle Beach: how to plan your vacation

Myrtle Beach, beachesDoes your family love beach vacations? Well, if they do, you can take them to the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. The Myrtle Beach spans over 60 miles and has a host of amusement and water parks, golf courses, theatres and gardens. Myrtle Beach has a host of activities to offer and each member of your family will definitely find something that he or she will absolutely love to do.

The first thing that you should do when you reach Aspen is find a good accommodation for your family. Apart from the price of the hotels you should take into account the activities offered by the hotels before you choose a particular hotel. Make a list of the areas of attraction in Myrtle Beach. Take your kids to entertainment parks like Myrtle Waves Water Park, Family Kingdom Oceanfront Park, Wild Water & Wheels and Ripley’s Aquariums. There are a host of other activities that will help you to enjoy yourself.

Top 5 reasons to go to Ethiopia

travel to Ethiopia, Ethiopia trip One of the most exotic and at the same time intimidating continents is Africa. With a wide variety of wildlife and cultural diversity, this place has a charm of its own and one of the jewels in its crown is Ethiopia. With a proper mix and match of everything, Ethiopia is a must visit if ever one plans a trip to Africa. Here are some of the few reasons for which you should plan separately a trip to Ethiopia.

Africa is famous for its wildlife and Ethiopia is no different. With the many jungles and wildlife resources, experience the heart of Africa at its very best. With a diversified culture, the people of Ethiopia have a charm of their own that can only be realized upon meeting them. The landscape is beautiful and one must take time and explore the place completely. With a rich history and culture, a visit to Ethiopia would be incomplete without a trip to all the museums thereby making this trip a memorable one.

Grandeur, history and much more: Egypt awaits you

Egypt is a place full of mystery and adventure. It is one of the most famous destinations for tourists all over the world. The wild sand dunes, stormy deserts and the great landscape will cast a magical spell on you. Architectural masterpieces are a major attraction for the tourists. Tombs, pyramids, mummies etc. ensure that you get ample amount of choices in terms of locations.

Pyramid of Giza is among the most mystical place in the world and possess a lot of alluring things. If you wish to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World, visit the Sphinx and get mesmerized by the pyramids and mummies. Nile, the blue river holds a lot of grandeur and it will be a great experience to enjoy the beauty of Nature at resorts near the longest river. You can visit the city of Cairo and have a good time shopping and wandering through the city streets.

Delights of an African safari

An African Safari is a journey through the spectacular forests, grasslands, wetlands and deserts in the wild continent of Africa. An African Safari can be the ideal vacation for different kinds of tourists as it provides an opportunity to explore and see firsthand what they have only read in books or seen on television.

In a safari people enjoy the landscape along with the flora and fauna in a Wildlife Park. A safari can sometimes include hunting activities too. In order to enjoy the safari to the fullest, it is recommended that you have a qualified and experienced tour guide. It is common to miss out on important destinations and not see rare animals without good tour guides. Also there are special tour packages which can set up the customers with a tour guide, hotels which are near to national parks and arrange for special tours as well. Altogether, an African safari is a vacation one can never forget in a lifetime.

Enjoy authentic French food at Burgundy

French cuisine is one of the most sought after attractions of the beautiful European nation. French dishes are occasionally referred to as “haute cuisine” for the awesome aroma and the sumptuous taste these delicacies come up with.

If you too are enthusiastic to relish authentic French food, go for Burgundy. The region is reputed for the various gourmet specialties that have mesmerized travelers all across the world. The place is famous for its river pike, fine poultry and plenty of sweet treats.

The most popular dishes offered from Burgundy are Boeif Bourguignon (it’s beef stewed with red wine), Fondue bourguignonne ( it’s fondue cooked in oil with meat pieces), Gougere (its cheese with choux pastry) etc. Then, the place is also known as the destination for Dijon mustard and currants that are a must in some of the favorite regional treats. Besides, Burgundy has earned a great reputation for some of the exotic French wines it offers with.

Enjoy the underwater exotica at the top 5 scuba diving destinations of the world

Scuba diving is an exciting adventure sport that you can choose to do. There are many destinations around the world where you can do scuba diving. The best destination is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This is the biggest coral reef in the world and is full of various species of marine life.

Maldives is another paradise for divers. There are many dive sites here and the marine life is varied from corals to colourful fishes. You may be able to spot sharks here. The Borneo coast in Malaysia has a rich marine treasure. This is an extinct volcanic island. There is a vast expanse of shallow waters where you can take a quick plunge.

The warm water of Mauritius is perfect for coral reefs and a wide range of marine life. You can opt for cave diving, wreks diving and also shark diving. You can undertake a diving course if you want. Maria La Gorda in Cuba is not that famous a name when it comes to scuba diving. But it is actually one of the best dive destinations.

Hawaii at its tropical best

Hawaii- the tropical paradise! Hawaii is one of the most luxurious and exotic holiday escapes for the ones who are craving for a tropical holiday. It is the ideal holiday destination for the honeymooners and surfers. You can also have a fun time with your family at this lively beautiful island. Oahu is the best place for the surfers. Honolulu and Maui are the places that will surely take your breath away with their beauty. Maui has gorgeous beaches and sites to see as well as places to stay, including the beautiful Maui rentals.
A holiday at Hawaii can be a little expensive. Prices are high during holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter and Thanksgiving. You can visit during mid-April to mid-November when the prices of accommodation and sight-seeing are comparatively cheaper. Here is the list of few places that you can visit and activities you can enjoy at this tropical island:

• Diamond Head State Monument
• Museums
• Scuba diving/ Snorkeling
• Helicopter tours
• Horseback riding

Top 5 skiing destinations in Europe

Europe has a fantastic collection of skiing destinations. You can find a number of amazing places to go for. But don’t get confused. This article will throw some light on the five top most skiing destinations in Europe.

If you are a born nature lover, then Zermatt, situated in Switzerland is the best place for you. Calm atmosphere, pollution free environment will surely make you overwhelmed. St. Anton in Austria is another place where you will find several mountains to choose from. But we suggest the beginners to avoid this site as it is very challenging and dangerous too. To taste a different flavor you can go for an old village called Kitzbuhel, in Austria. You can feel the true village essence there. France is also serving many skiing spots; Espace Killy is one of them. Apart from these, Chamonix is another spot which is capable to satisfy your desire to ski.

So just choose one spot among all and start packing your bags.

Best time to travel to Europe

A lavish vacation in Europe can be dream come true for most people! But unless and until you pick up the right seasons to visit the magnificent continent, you efforts might go vain. Loads of factor comes into consideration such as time for special events, comparative flight costs, weather etc, when deciding the right time. Hence, if you are planning to visit Europe, it is essential that you gain more knowledge about its different seasons.

Summer is the quite a good season when it comes to Europe! Although it is a tad too unpredictable, nevertheless, the time from July to early September is a pretty good time to visit Europe. Few parts of Europe such as Italy, tends to get a bit too hot during this time, but besides that it is quite a wonderful time to visit the continent. Winters usually are very cold and it is the best to avoid visiting the continent during this time of the year. Spring is a again a fantastic season to visit Europe. If you want to see the blossoms in full bloom and the magnificence at its best, spring is the time to be in Europe. Autumn, quite like spring can also be a good time to visit the continent. Climate wise it is pretty much like spring and the add-on is the golden brown hue everywhere. Hence, pick the season you desire and live life at it best in the magnificent continent called Europe.

Must go to places in Europe for history lovers

Do you love all things ancient and have a special place in your heart for history? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, you must visit all the historical places in Europe. Europe is replete with historical sites of importance and each one of them is worth a visit.

One of the most important historical sites of Europe is Oxford in England. The entire town is right out of the pages of a history book and many buildings and colleges in this town are centuries old. Take the historic walk in London and you will get to see some of the most popular places. You can see places like the Tower of London and Thames River. St’ Paul’s Cathedral and the Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square can also be seen.

Moving away from Europe, you must visit the Les Catacombes of Paris, La Alhambra in Spain, the Pantheon in Rome, Olympia in Greece and the Old City Walls in Croatia.