Places To Visit In Chicago

Visit In ChicagoChicago is one of the most perfect and delightful tourist destinations as it has numerous places that will enchant you in ways unimaginable. When you visit Chicago especially for the very first time then you must know about some of the popular places in Chicago. In this way, without wasting anytime you can start exploring the city. This article will get you acquainted with some of the places that you must visit in Chicago.

Those of you who are interested in the rich culture and art of Chicago should visit the Cultural Centre where numerous displays, exhibits and programs are held every year. Thus you are sure to have a wonderful time if you visit the centre.

Music lovers can stop by to enjoy the musical programs that are showcased in the Kingston Mines. You can just relax, consume delectable food and witness some of the best bands of Chicago performing right in front of you.

If you would like to witness live baseball, football and other games then you can visit the Wrigley Field. Lake Michigan must be visited by you at all cost so that you can enjoy yourself in the fresh and clear water.

Want to behold the sights of anacondas, piranhas, Beluga whales and other exotic marine species? If yes then you should make it a point to visit the Shedd Aquarium. You can also spend your day in Chicago Chinatown exploring the shops, shopping, enjoying the neighborhood events and eating delicious local food in the restaurants.
Do not forget to visit the Millennium Park which is home to the famous tourist attractions such as Cloud Gate, Lurie Garden, Crown Fountain, Jay Pritzker Pavilion etc.

Some other well-known places in Chicago that you can visit are: Sears Tower, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park Zoo, Garfield Park Conservatory etc.

The Beaches of New Zealand Should not be missed

Beaches of New ZealandNew Zealand has been a place that ranks high on the priority list of many travelers from all over the world. This place is known for its amazing landscapes, very friendly people and can give you lots of memories to cherish forever. Though it is a very small place as compared to other holiday destinations but still it has a lot to be covered by the tourists and offers a wide variety of exotic places to visit. If you have a budget constraint ten here are the best and the most exciting places that you must visit on a tour to News Zealand.
The Abel Tasman Coast track takes you to across the Abel Tasman National Park. It is one of the most beautiful coasts in New Zealand. When you are passing through this amazing coast, do not forget to take a swim into the coast.

One of the most beautiful summer time attractions in New Zealand is the Bay of Islands. You must take a cruise around the island. You must explore the scenic beauty and amazing coastlines.

The Routeburn Track is well known to all the tramping enthusiasts from all over the world. This is a 32 km hike which starts from Queenstown side and takes you through the Mount Aspiring National Park. You can enjoy the beauty of the lakes, beech forests and the mountains for a period of four days.

The worlds most exciting geothermal wonders are in New Zealand’s Taupo, Rotorua and Tongariro National Park. They are located in the North Islands and allow you to have a real view of the geysers, craters, acid pools, volcanoes and bubbling mud. This is a must visit p[lace and should not be missed when you are in News Zealand.

Kaikoura is well known for its aquatic life and sea food. You can have a look at the sea lions, whales, dolphins and penguins. You must not forget to have some local delicacies of fish available.

A journey to the public Squares of Rome

public Squares of RomeIf you have been to Rome for a holiday and have not visited the Public Squares of the place, it is obvious that your tour is not complete. Not only Rome but throughout Italy, the Public Squares holds the list of major attractions. It is also known that these squares are usually called the ‘core’ of the city of Rome.

The Public Squares of Rome represent the history of several centuries of this popular spot of the globe. The squares there are referred as ‘Piazza’ and are must visit places. The squares are the ultimate places where you can come to know about the culture of the Roman people and their lifestyle. These squares of the legendary city of Rome are the perfect place to mingle with friends and enrich your knowledge of history by exploring the place. The most common squares of this city which you can in no way miss to visit are,

Largo Di Torre Argentina: in this place you can find the remains of the famous Pompey’s theatre and also includes the Four Republican era temples that Rome has. A huge population of cats has got a home in this Piazza by the local group of people who advocate the animal rights and were hated by Mussolini.

Piazza De Spagna: in this square of Rome, many weddings take place and that is the reason why this place has become very famous. Moreover, in this Piazza you can see the most beautiful and extra ordinary architectures of the eighteenth century. This square achieved recognition throughout the world because of the charming “Spanish Steps” that compliment the Trinita Dei Monti chuch perfectly.

Piazza Dei Trevi: If you have read about the Fontana Dei Trevi in the fables and want to check it out, then this Piazza is a must visit one. As this square is not too big, it tends to get crowded by the visitors within afternoon. So it is advisable for you to set for this place a bit early to avoid too much of rush.

Tips to remember while traveling with tiny tots

traveling with tiny totsAre you planning a grand family holiday soon with your tiny tots on tow? Well, that’s simply amazing as its always fun being with kids on a vacation. However, traveling with little ones is not like a trip with your buddies as being tender the kids will be vulnerable to hassles of an alien environment quickly. But if you plan smart, you and the kids are sure to cherish an amazing vacation. The article here is a brief on the tips to keep in mind while touring with tiny tots.

Consult pediatrician

Before you choose the destination, you should consult your pediatrician. At times doctors put restrictions on certain climatic situations or terrains when the kids are too small. For example, your pediatrician will surely discourage in taking kids to areas that are freezing cold or extremely hot. A thorough consultation with the pediatrician will offer you right ideas on perfect kid-friendly destinations. Besides, before you embark on the journey, you have to get the little ones thoroughly check up by doctor to ensure everything is fine.

Kid-friendly attractions

Make sure that the place you are heading is packed with a great host of kid-friendly attractions so that your kids are never bored in the vacation. There should be theme parks, museums, zoo etc. that will assure a gala and unforgettable holiday for the little ones.

Choose a light schedule

You must choose a relaxed itinerary while traveling with the kids. Being tender, the little ones would soon get tired on the tour and hence it’s if you restrict the site visits to just a couple or maximum 3 destinations per day.

Don’t forget medicines

You mustn’t forget your first aid box and the pediatrician’s number while on the tour. Besides, carry along a water-purifier medicine all along the tour.

Top places for a happy gay honeymoon

happy gay honeymoonGay couples are usually in confusion when it comes to finding the perfect place for their honeymoon. It’s because not every honeymoon locations around the world would be equally tolerant to them. However, not to worry as there are some really wonderful honeymoon locations those are sure to be liked by you and your man. The article is a short note on the much loved honeymoon spots for gay couples.


Hawaii has always been the ultimate choice for honeymooners and it rings true when it comes to gay couples as well. The mesmerizing beauty of the Hawaiian island sets the perfect backdrop for your most coveted romantic vacation. In fact, Hawaii welcomes its gay honeymooners with gay-specific accommodations.


Provincetown, Massachusetts, is a pleasant resort town, pulling in gay tourists for long. In fact, it’s sometimes called the Mecca for gay honeymooners. The town is full of nice guest houses, classy dining spots and also allows access to the great Cape Cod beaches.


Sydney is one of the major destinations for gay honeymooners in the contemporary era. Gays are very much integrated into the daily Sydney life, much like its usual straight populace and hence the gay couples can be assured of a complete normal environ in this Aussie city. The most prominent area in Sydney for the gay couples is Oxford Street.

New York

New York is rightly dubbed as “Gay Capital” given its no-fuss attitude to same-ex couples. The best places to explore here are Greenwich Village, Chelsea and East Village. Don’t forget East River but be careful of Central Park & Halem.

Tel Aviv

This is another major destination for gay couples from around the world. Tel Aviv has come up today as a great gay-friendly destination and has been immensely successful in drawing in gay tourists from all over the world.

Importance of travelling insurance

travelling insuranceTravel insurance is a very important thing and before you go out on any trip, you must ensure that you have got proper travel insurance. Insurance is included if you are travelling by air, but it is only for your travel period in air. Once you leave the airport complex, your insurance is no longer valid. Various insurance companies provide travel insurance. The different schemes vary accordingly depending on your requirement. The insurance also sometimes depend on your destination. If you are travelling to European countries and applied for a tourist visa, then it is mandatory that you will have to have a travel insurance without which your visa application will be not be accepted. However in case you are travelling in some packaged tour, then your tour package includes the insurance. But if you are travelling alone, then you have make arrangements for the insurance on your own.

The insurance protects you in case of any accidents abroad. If the accident is serious enough, then insurance company is liable to pay the costs towards your medical expense. These insurances also protect you in case of theft and robbery abroad. Prior to your investment in any insurance scheme, read all the clauses and the terms carefully to avoid any problem later on.
Also see that if it is a cashless insurance or not. Most travel insurances are not cash less and so you have to make the initial payment and then claim the amount later on. However, few insurance companies do provide cash less insurance facility as they have tie ups abroad. It is advisable that prior to your investment in any travel insurance scheme you should do well research about it. You may get the best deal of the travel insurance if you carry out a good research of the market.

How to relish your Maldives holiday

Maldives is aptly called the “Jewel of Indian Ocean” thanks to its picturesque vista. Are you too about to take a trip to Maldives soon? Well, the write up below is a discussion on how to enjoy your Maldives moments.

Maldives is famous for its beaches. The beaches are simply amazing here with their pristine sand stretch and exotic sea-shore. Apart from sheer beauty, the Maldives beaches also allow you to participate in a host of many exciting aquatic adventures.

Then, you would simply love Male, the capital city of Maldives which is famous for its mosques and many interesting museums. The Male museums are well appreciated for precious artifacts housed by them. Take a trip to Singapore Bazaar to shop the beautiful traditional Male handicrafts. Do not miss out on The Maldives Fish Market, one of the most hit tourist attractions here. You will like the diverse variety of fishes at offer in the famous market.

Things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland in a very beautiful place and you should at least visit this country once in your lifetime to enjoy the awesome picturesque scenic beauty and the congenial weather there. There are many places in Switzerland which you should definitely visit. If you miss any of these places, then your tour will not be successfully completed.

Engelberg is a very beautiful town. You can explore the beauty of the place by taking a tour of the city either on foot or in a car. There are many beautiful parks and places of tourist interest in Engelberg. You must visit the Jungfraujoch peak in Interlaken in Switzerland. It is the tallest peak of Europe. You will visit the place in a train running amidst dense white snow. You will get down from the train at the highest platform of the world. It will be a lifetime experience for you.

Also the cable car tour to the Mount Titlis in Lucerne is worth mention due to the scenic beauty of the place. Moreover Switzerland is famous worldwide for the Swiss chocolates, so never forget to taste the various chocolates in different confectionaries in Switzerland.

Take a lazy train ride to Penang

Penang travelPenang is a very nice place to be. The best way to get to Penang would be a journey by train. The journey by train would let you enjoy the picturesque landscapes all along the journey. The ride will be lazy but very interesting as you will be riding on a train that will wind its way into the hilly forests of Penang and you could be greeted by a Chinese temple every now and then. The place has a natural beauty that is accentuated by the inhabitants of the area that add a taste of the culture, which you can experience through the journey.

It is not a wise option to take a bus as the journey a bus on the road could be a little tiring for you, as the roads are not even at all the place. In addition, the bus will not be taking you through the same route as the train will and the route of the train is far more beautiful than bus ride.

A tourist guide to the Niagara falls

Travel Niagara falls, Niagara fallsFor a fair few years now, the Niagara Falls has been a touristic attraction to the people from all over the world. The stunning beauty and the breathtaking visage of the falls falling over such a great height is a thrill to watch and one can still hear the sounds of the thundering falls years afterwards.

Located on the Niagara River, the Niagara Falls is actually a combination of Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The place is packed with various hotels which are very affordable and provide quality service ensuring that your time spent is a memorable one.

With various other vacation destinations situated around Ontario and with activities to pursue such as golfing and shopping, your trip to the Niagara falls is ensured to be one of the best that you have ever undertaken. With a very good connectivity being situated just 20 minutes away from Buffalo International Airport, the Niagara Falls can be accessed very easily and is one of the most romantic destinations for couple from all over the world.