Best Waterfalls of Hawaii

Hawaii Hawaii, it’s such a wonderful place filled up with all the beauty of world and all natural elements set on earth by god. There are several wonders to watch on this big island Hawaii. You will be mesmerized by the eternal views presented by this extraordinarily memorable island Hawaii. It offers you to watch its heart throbbing sunsets, its national parks, white sandy beaches and breath taking waterfalls. Waterfalls are one of the unforgettable things to watch in Hawaii. When you get back after your Hawaii trip, waterfall will be one of the things which will be in your eyes and its experience on your mouth to share out with your friends. There are many gorgeous waterfalls to watch in Hawaii. Here are some of the best waterfalls which grab your eyes and heart in Hawaii.

1)      Waimoku falls (Haleakala national park, Maui)

Waimoku fallsThis waterfall is of 4oo ft and it is undoubtedly one of the best hiking trails of Hawaii. Along the way of these waterfalls there are bamboo forests which are also a treat to watch. This astonishing waterfall is very tall and it flows all round the year. Despite of its tall height, you can still reach up to the base of this waterfall. This waterfall is in the protected lands of the Haleakala national park in the kipahulu district. Going further there are even more waterfalls and holes for swimming going down by the turbulent coast where there are famous seven sacred pools.

2)      Akaka falls (Hamakua coast , big islands of Hawaii)

Akaka fallsThis waterfall is 420 ft high and it flows all around the year.  It is considered to be one of the best waterfalls of the big island of Hawaii and probably of the state too. This waterfall is easily accessible and gives a spectacular view.  This waterfall has a astonishing scenery around which you would imagine while taking a helicopter ride. The water is crystal clear and offers a great view to have a look at. There are only very few of the waterfalls which are this beautiful and still are easily accessible.You can also another waterfall in the same reserve which is known as kahuna waterfalls which is also very high but a bit tough to watch. But make sure to visit these waterfalls while you are in Hawaii.

3)      Sacred falls (Hauula , Oahu)

Sacred fallsThis waterfall possesses a height of 1100 ft. It’s way too high. These waterfall was accessible along a trail which leads to a swimming pool at the base of the fall where you can see the last 80 ft but now it is not accessible because of an landslide which occurred on the mother’s day. This landslide took place at the terminus of the trail and resulted in death of many people and also injured many people. There were many suits also which forced the state to close the accessibility of this waterfall.  You can still see this waterfall by taking a helicopter ride and see this scenic sacred falls from the air only.