Top Historic Places Of The World

Are you fond of ancient ruins, world famous landmarks and sacred wonders? If yes then you definitely want to seek information about the historic places of the world and not only seeking information, you might want to visit some of them. If you are thinking to plan a trip to some historic places of the world, then you might be facing trouble to pick a spot. There are plenty of historic places of the world and thus it might be challenging to pick one. To help you out here are some of the historic places of the world. Thus any of them and travel the time back to the world of castles or natures beauty to pyramids and great walls. Here are some of the essential picks of some of the historic places of the world.

  • Egypt

EgyptEgypt is considered to be one of those country which is culturally very much rich and it is one of the most ancient tourist spot across the globe. Egypt has played host to many visitors from Rome and ancient Greece. The most historic sites of this one of the most historic places of the world are Giza and Sphinx. Some of the other rich and popular sites include Abu simbel, valley of the kings, Saqqara, karnak, Luxor and the Egyptian museum. Visiting all of these places gives you feel that you have taken a step back in the time to the world of ancient Egypt.

  • Rome

RomeRome is one of the most historic places of the world. The entire place is filled up with some extremely stunning and iconic architecture across the globe. Beauty and glimpse of ancient roman, medieval, renaissance and baroque structures and buildings are seen at each and every turn of this one of the most historic places of the world. However any trip to Rome is incomplete without getting into the coliseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Circus maximus, the arch of Constantine and Fontana di trevi. Thus have a look at all those beautiful places while you are visiting Rome.

  • European castles

European castlesPlaced all throughout the Europe, there are plenty of Medieval and Baroque castles which show up the images of fairytale princesses and chivalrous knights. These castles were not only built as protective fort but they were also the residence of the lords and kings and they showed their status and wealth by making such huge, gigantic and beautiful castles. Some of the famous examples are Germanys Neuschwanstein castle; Irelands blarney castle, France’s palace of Versailles, sintra palace in Portugal, Prague castle in the Czech Republic, Turkeys Topkapi palace and Leeds castle in England.

  • Machu Picchu

Machu picchuMachu Picchu is more popularly known as ‘the lost city of the Incas’. It is considered as the most beautiful and impressive remainder of the Incan Empire and thus it is considered as the top historic places of the world. There are there primary structures temple of the sun, the room of the three windows and the hintihuatana stone and it also has astronomical clock or the calendar which has been dubbed.

Places To Visit In Egypt

EgyptEgypt might be a country which is facing some or the other social or political turmoils but yet it cannot put aside the exotic places to visit in Egypt. There is bucket full of mysterious, historic and fabulous places to visit in Egypt. Egypt is considered to be one of the oldest tourist destinations to be visited on the earth. Each and every places to visit in Egypt has some exciting history to be explored. Egypt is full of pyramids and beautiful stone architecture. Here are some of the places to visit in Egypt which will make your eyes broad open.

  • The white desert

The white desert may look like moon to you. This white desert is located near the bahareya Oasis. It is really one of the extraordinary places to visit in Egypt as it gives you an resemblance of alien planet and famous movies like sci-Fi and Riddick of vin diesel are shoot here. This desert is well known for its rock formations, overnight camping and safari trips.  Being normal people, we are not able to go to the moon, so if you want to have a feeling of going to moon or on any of the alien planet, you can visit white desert of Egypt and get a really unforgettable experience.

  • Sultan qalawun mosque in old cairo

Old cairo is full with old mosque history of those old and renowned history of those mosque. Among all the mosque and other places to visit to visit in Egypt, sultan qalawun mosque is different and unique as it combines the architectural beauty of European churches and classy designs from the world of Islam. These both give a perfect combination and please your eyes at first sight and that’s the reason why it is included in the one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

  • Whale valley in Fayoum

It is really one of the remarkable places to visit in Egypt as it is designated as UNESCO and considered as the heritage site in the year 2015. The name of this area is derived from the hundreds of the fossils which are availed from the earlier forms of whale in this area. This area is quite in debate as it has evolved from the whale as being the land based animal to ocean based mammal.  Apart from the scientific experience, Wadi Ei-Hitan gives you one of the most amazing camping experiences, availing the campers with astronomical wonders at the night time which rivals the Pyramids of Giza.

  • Al-azhar mosque

One of the best places to visit in Egypt is Al-azhar mosque. It is one of the oldest and historic places as it was built in the year 970 and it remains one of the very precious mosque in the whole Islamic world as well as Egypt. It was the first and foremost mosque built in the whole cairo and it has developed the second oldest university in the whole world.

Top Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico City

Mexico cityKnown as the capital of the Mexico, Mexico City is considered as one of the largest cities of the world. It consists of many ethnic groups from all over the world. This city is very important from many perspectives such as political, cultural and educational center in Mexico. It is also known as one of the essential financial centers in Latin America.


AcapulcoLocation of Acapulco is on a semi circular bay on the pacific coast. Acapulco is a very famous destination for spring breakers. Acapulco came into fame by 1950 when it became an escape point for the millionaires and Hollywood celebs. It is the original Mexican resort town. To watch city’s famous La Quebrada Cliff is the most interesting thing to do which throw 147 feet into a shallow inlet. These impressive cliff jumps are really a treat to watch though nowadays these divers are professionals. There is an enormous view which can be watched from a platform of the cliff top or from nearby restaurants. It’s a very famous destination for US college students.


OaxacaIt’s a very popular destination to visit in southern Mexico situated in a valley below the Sierra Madre Mountains. This city is very famous for celebration of a festival called Dia de los Muertos which is celebrated in many parts of Latin America. These festivals are since thousands of years to represent indigenous culture like Aztec and Zapotec. One of the popular festival say day of the dead festival starts from the end of October when the families make tombs for return of the spirits. By this time the families decorate the tombs and home altars with flowers and offerings are left at the cemeteries for the spirits. Beautiful archaeological sites, splendid atmosphere and pleasant climate are some reasons that attract the tourists.

Los Cabos

los CabosLocated in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, Los Cabos is regarded as the marlin sport fishing capital of the world. Los Cabos has speedily attained popularity and now it is considered as one of the best places to explore in Mexico. It is a lively 20 mile beach area with white sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, luxurious resorts and other beautiful attractions to visit. Los Cabos is divided into two areas namely Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Around two million visitors visit Los Cabos Every year. It is renowned for its fishing activities and golf hotspots.


GuanajuatoLocated in the mountains of Sierra de Guanajuato, there lies a beautiful colonial city of Guanajuato. This city is just next to the one of the richest silver mining areas of Mexico founded in 1554. This city consists of 16th century mining boom which led to the construction of astonishing haciendas and beautiful colonial buildings. Guanajuato must be visited during October when festival Cervantino is there. This festival consist of serious cultural extravaganza with orchestras, modern art, Mexico City punk bands, ballet folklorico and mariachis. You should also take a visit to Mummy museum and San Miguel de Allende.

Travel to Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud, IndonesiaIf you are planning to go for a vacation, Ubud can be the ideal place for you and your family. It is a good place if your budget is tight. It has some of the beautiful places you will ever see. When you are in Ubud, Indonesia it is mandatory to visit Hanoman Street. It is also known as the shopaholic street because people mainly go there to shop. This was a palace of the Ubud Royal Family which was turned into a shopping place but the design of the palace is still the same. So you will actually be walking in the lanes of the palace while buying stuff. Even if you do not buy anything the place is such that you could spend hours walking on the streets.

Ubud is home to some amazing museums and it is also regarded as the art hub of Indonesia. There are so many museums which are scattered all throughout the city but if you had to go to some selected ones then the ARMA museum and Neka Art Museum has to be visited at least once. They have the finest cultural heritage in display for the people. Apart from this you can also visit Atonio Blanco Museum. It is also a popular museum in Ubud.

After enjoying the museums if you feel that you need to see some nature then you can visit the Monkey forest. It has a wide range of monkey reserves and also has various species of crab eating macaques. This is basically a temple reserve and not like the normal zoos. The lush forest and the picturesque green will surely amaze you. It is home to more than 100 species of trees. Apart from the monkeys and the macaques there are other birds and animals too which you will see there.

Places To Visit In Chicago

Visit In ChicagoChicago is one of the most perfect and delightful tourist destinations as it has numerous places that will enchant you in ways unimaginable. When you visit Chicago especially for the very first time then you must know about some of the popular places in Chicago. In this way, without wasting anytime you can start exploring the city. This article will get you acquainted with some of the places that you must visit in Chicago.

Those of you who are interested in the rich culture and art of Chicago should visit the Cultural Centre where numerous displays, exhibits and programs are held every year. Thus you are sure to have a wonderful time if you visit the centre.

Music lovers can stop by to enjoy the musical programs that are showcased in the Kingston Mines. You can just relax, consume delectable food and witness some of the best bands of Chicago performing right in front of you.

If you would like to witness live baseball, football and other games then you can visit the Wrigley Field. Lake Michigan must be visited by you at all cost so that you can enjoy yourself in the fresh and clear water.

Want to behold the sights of anacondas, piranhas, Beluga whales and other exotic marine species? If yes then you should make it a point to visit the Shedd Aquarium. You can also spend your day in Chicago Chinatown exploring the shops, shopping, enjoying the neighborhood events and eating delicious local food in the restaurants.
Do not forget to visit the Millennium Park which is home to the famous tourist attractions such as Cloud Gate, Lurie Garden, Crown Fountain, Jay Pritzker Pavilion etc.

Some other well-known places in Chicago that you can visit are: Sears Tower, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park Zoo, Garfield Park Conservatory etc.

A journey to the public Squares of Rome

public Squares of RomeIf you have been to Rome for a holiday and have not visited the Public Squares of the place, it is obvious that your tour is not complete. Not only Rome but throughout Italy, the Public Squares holds the list of major attractions. It is also known that these squares are usually called the ‘core’ of the city of Rome.

The Public Squares of Rome represent the history of several centuries of this popular spot of the globe. The squares there are referred as ‘Piazza’ and are must visit places. The squares are the ultimate places where you can come to know about the culture of the Roman people and their lifestyle. These squares of the legendary city of Rome are the perfect place to mingle with friends and enrich your knowledge of history by exploring the place. The most common squares of this city which you can in no way miss to visit are,

Largo Di Torre Argentina: in this place you can find the remains of the famous Pompey’s theatre and also includes the Four Republican era temples that Rome has. A huge population of cats has got a home in this Piazza by the local group of people who advocate the animal rights and were hated by Mussolini.

Piazza De Spagna: in this square of Rome, many weddings take place and that is the reason why this place has become very famous. Moreover, in this Piazza you can see the most beautiful and extra ordinary architectures of the eighteenth century. This square achieved recognition throughout the world because of the charming “Spanish Steps” that compliment the Trinita Dei Monti chuch perfectly.

Piazza Dei Trevi: If you have read about the Fontana Dei Trevi in the fables and want to check it out, then this Piazza is a must visit one. As this square is not too big, it tends to get crowded by the visitors within afternoon. So it is advisable for you to set for this place a bit early to avoid too much of rush.

Must go to places in Europe for history lovers

Do you love all things ancient and have a special place in your heart for history? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, you must visit all the historical places in Europe. Europe is replete with historical sites of importance and each one of them is worth a visit.

One of the most important historical sites of Europe is Oxford in England. The entire town is right out of the pages of a history book and many buildings and colleges in this town are centuries old. Take the historic walk in London and you will get to see some of the most popular places. You can see places like the Tower of London and Thames River. St’ Paul’s Cathedral and the Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square can also be seen.

Moving away from Europe, you must visit the Les Catacombes of Paris, La Alhambra in Spain, the Pantheon in Rome, Olympia in Greece and the Old City Walls in Croatia.

5 must visit destinations is Europe during the winters

Do you want to visit Europe in the upcoming winters? Well, it’s a great idea because winters in Europe are really amazing. However, you need to understand that all places in Europe are not conducive for a winter visit and therefore you need to know which European places you should visit in the winters.

The top place to visit during the winter is Chamonix. Located in the eastern part of France this place is ideal for winter sports lover. From here you can visit the Alps. You can also visit Prague in the winter season. This place has an old world charm and it looks like a world for a fairytales.

Sweden is also a great destination to visit. It’s chilly and combined with the aurora borealis Sweden is the best place to cozy up with your loved one. Switzerland in the winters is an exhilarating experience the warmth and hospitality of the people here will make you feel loved. For a unique experience visiting Norway in the winters is a must

Which is the perfect time to visit Europe?

A lot of people want to spend their holiday in Europe but are confused about which will be the best time for the visit. It’s important to understand that weather plays a crucial role in Europe and if you do not get the timing right, your vacation will not be worth it.

November and December is the best time to make a trip to Europe generally. During Christmas and Thanksgiving Europe is more or less deserted and you will get hotel rooms at really affordable rates. If you are planning a holiday to Mediterranean Europe fall and spring are the best options. Spring in Greece and Italy are simple amazing.

If you want to visit southern France, Turkey or Portugal the months of May, June, September and October are your best bets. One of the biggest attractions of Bavaria is the Oktoberfest and therefore you can visit Bavaria in late October. The best time to visit Scotland is August and September.

5 must visit locations in South America

It goes without saying that South America is one of the best places to holiday in. No one can ever overemphasize the natural, virgin and unspoiled beauty that South America offers to tourists. Though it is almost impossible to single out the places you must visit in Latin America, here is an attempt.

The first must-visit South American destination is Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. You can soak in the true spirit of Latin America here and this city is just picture perfect. The Copacabana and Ipanema beaches here are beautiful. You should also visit Patagonia in Argentina. Places like El Chalten, Perito Moreno glacier and Mount Fitz Roy will take your breath away.

You must also see the Salar de Uyuni on Bolivia. You have to undertake the 3 day jeep ride from a place called San Pedro de Atacama to witness some stunning images. You have to visit Cartagena of Colombia to get the old world feel. The Machu Picchu in Peru is also worth a visit.