Top places for a happy gay honeymoon

happy gay honeymoonGay couples are usually in confusion when it comes to finding the perfect place for their honeymoon. It’s because not every honeymoon locations around the world would be equally tolerant to them. However, not to worry as there are some really wonderful honeymoon locations those are sure to be liked by you and your man. The article is a short note on the much loved honeymoon spots for gay couples.


Hawaii has always been the ultimate choice for honeymooners and it rings true when it comes to gay couples as well. The mesmerizing beauty of the Hawaiian island sets the perfect backdrop for your most coveted romantic vacation. In fact, Hawaii welcomes its gay honeymooners with gay-specific accommodations.


Provincetown, Massachusetts, is a pleasant resort town, pulling in gay tourists for long. In fact, it’s sometimes called the Mecca for gay honeymooners. The town is full of nice guest houses, classy dining spots and also allows access to the great Cape Cod beaches.


Sydney is one of the major destinations for gay honeymooners in the contemporary era. Gays are very much integrated into the daily Sydney life, much like its usual straight populace and hence the gay couples can be assured of a complete normal environ in this Aussie city. The most prominent area in Sydney for the gay couples is Oxford Street.

New York

New York is rightly dubbed as “Gay Capital” given its no-fuss attitude to same-ex couples. The best places to explore here are Greenwich Village, Chelsea and East Village. Don’t forget East River but be careful of Central Park & Halem.

Tel Aviv

This is another major destination for gay couples from around the world. Tel Aviv has come up today as a great gay-friendly destination and has been immensely successful in drawing in gay tourists from all over the world.