Importance of travelling insurance

travelling insuranceTravel insurance is a very important thing and before you go out on any trip, you must ensure that you have got proper travel insurance. Insurance is included if you are travelling by air, but it is only for your travel period in air. Once you leave the airport complex, your insurance is no longer valid. Various insurance companies provide travel insurance. The different schemes vary accordingly depending on your requirement. The insurance also sometimes depend on your destination. If you are travelling to European countries and applied for a tourist visa, then it is mandatory that you will have to have a travel insurance without which your visa application will be not be accepted. However in case you are travelling in some packaged tour, then your tour package includes the insurance. But if you are travelling alone, then you have make arrangements for the insurance on your own.

The insurance protects you in case of any accidents abroad. If the accident is serious enough, then insurance company is liable to pay the costs towards your medical expense. These insurances also protect you in case of theft and robbery abroad. Prior to your investment in any insurance scheme, read all the clauses and the terms carefully to avoid any problem later on.
Also see that if it is a cashless insurance or not. Most travel insurances are not cash less and so you have to make the initial payment and then claim the amount later on. However, few insurance companies do provide cash less insurance facility as they have tie ups abroad. It is advisable that prior to your investment in any travel insurance scheme you should do well research about it. You may get the best deal of the travel insurance if you carry out a good research of the market.