Must go to places in Europe for history lovers

Do you love all things ancient and have a special place in your heart for history? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, you must visit all the historical places in Europe. Europe is replete with historical sites of importance and each one of them is worth a visit.

One of the most important historical sites of Europe is Oxford in England. The entire town is right out of the pages of a history book and many buildings and colleges in this town are centuries old. Take the historic walk in London and you will get to see some of the most popular places. You can see places like the Tower of London and Thames River. St’ Paul’s Cathedral and the Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square can also be seen.

Moving away from Europe, you must visit the Les Catacombes of Paris, La Alhambra in Spain, the Pantheon in Rome, Olympia in Greece and the Old City Walls in Croatia.

5 must visit destinations is Europe during the winters

Do you want to visit Europe in the upcoming winters? Well, it’s a great idea because winters in Europe are really amazing. However, you need to understand that all places in Europe are not conducive for a winter visit and therefore you need to know which European places you should visit in the winters.

The top place to visit during the winter is Chamonix. Located in the eastern part of France this place is ideal for winter sports lover. From here you can visit the Alps. You can also visit Prague in the winter season. This place has an old world charm and it looks like a world for a fairytales.

Sweden is also a great destination to visit. It’s chilly and combined with the aurora borealis Sweden is the best place to cozy up with your loved one. Switzerland in the winters is an exhilarating experience the warmth and hospitality of the people here will make you feel loved. For a unique experience visiting Norway in the winters is a must

Which is the perfect time to visit Europe?

A lot of people want to spend their holiday in Europe but are confused about which will be the best time for the visit. It’s important to understand that weather plays a crucial role in Europe and if you do not get the timing right, your vacation will not be worth it.

November and December is the best time to make a trip to Europe generally. During Christmas and Thanksgiving Europe is more or less deserted and you will get hotel rooms at really affordable rates. If you are planning a holiday to Mediterranean Europe fall and spring are the best options. Spring in Greece and Italy are simple amazing.

If you want to visit southern France, Turkey or Portugal the months of May, June, September and October are your best bets. One of the biggest attractions of Bavaria is the Oktoberfest and therefore you can visit Bavaria in late October. The best time to visit Scotland is August and September.

5 must visit locations in South America

It goes without saying that South America is one of the best places to holiday in. No one can ever overemphasize the natural, virgin and unspoiled beauty that South America offers to tourists. Though it is almost impossible to single out the places you must visit in Latin America, here is an attempt.

The first must-visit South American destination is Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. You can soak in the true spirit of Latin America here and this city is just picture perfect. The Copacabana and Ipanema beaches here are beautiful. You should also visit Patagonia in Argentina. Places like El Chalten, Perito Moreno glacier and Mount Fitz Roy will take your breath away.

You must also see the Salar de Uyuni on Bolivia. You have to undertake the 3 day jeep ride from a place called San Pedro de Atacama to witness some stunning images. You have to visit Cartagena of Colombia to get the old world feel. The Machu Picchu in Peru is also worth a visit.

Angel Falls, a destination that will take your breath away

If you are a nature-lover and have the urge to visit places that are less explored, its time to set off to Venezuela. And once you set off on a tour to Venezuela, you just cannot afford to miss the Angel Falls. Angel Falls which is also popularly known as the Paradise Falls is what natural beauty is all about.

Angel Falls measuring 979 meters is the highest waterfalls in the world and located in the Gran Sabana it offers a breathtaking view. This waterfall is located in the Canaima National Park against the backdrop of the Auyantepui Mountains. An interesting fact about this fall is that due to its massive height the water is evaporated even before it can reach the ground.

What makes the Angel Falls a big attraction is the fact that it is a wonderful amalgamation of magic and reality. Though it is a bit difficult to reach the Angel Falls, it is definitely worth a visit.

5 must visit ski destinations in Europe

Do you love to ski? If you do, it’s time to pack and book your tickets for Europe. Wondering why Europe? Well, Europe plays host to some of the best skiing destinations in the world and you will have the time of your life skiing in these resorts.

One of the best skiing destinations of Europe is the Three Valleys. Consisting of Courcheval, Meribel and Val Thorens this place offers world class skiing experience. This skiing destination has the best infrastructure and is very well groomed. Another great European skiing destination is La Grave. However, it is also known as the death trap and you should only come here if you are an experienced skier.

There is also the Espace Killy which offers you the opportunity to ski on some of the best European slopes. You will love it here. Another place you must visit is the St’ Anton is Austria. The L’Alpe d’Huez is also a great skiing destination.

Get more close to the nature with South Africa eco-travel plans

Are you planning to take a vacation to South Africa? Well, that is wonderful news indeed. However while traveling to South Africa there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Since South Africa is a land of virgin, unspoiled beauty you have to make sure that your travel to South Africa is eco-friendly as well.

Here are some eco-friendly travel tips for you. For starters, you have to pack lightly. Since you can wash all your clothes while you are abroad, taking one bag is more than enough. While booking your hotel make sure that it is a green hotel. The green lifestyle is better for you and for Mother Earth.

If you have a friend in South Africa, stay with him or her if possible. You need to bring your money bag to choose your souvenirs properly. Kitsch is definitely cool but you do not want to end up buying miniature steel models of places you visited.

Top 5 must visit beaches in South America

Since most of South America falls under the tropical belt you can enjoy the beach season throughout the year here. And this is what makes the Latin American beaches so very special. Be it the renowned beaches of Brazil or the lesser known beaches of Venezuela and Colombia, you will definitely have a great time.
Coming to the 5 must visit beaches of South America; the first beach that you should visit is the Parque Nacional Tayrona beach of Colombia. This beach offers clear, blue waters against the backdrop of a lush forest. You must also visit the Fernando de Noronha beach of Brazil that is an idyllic marine reserve. However, this beach is a bit expensive.

The third best beach is Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. This vibrant place is what Brazil is all about, traditionally and culturally. There is also the Manuel Antonio of Costa Rica which offers breathtaking beauty. You must also visit the Las Pocitas Beach in Peru which is ideal for surfing, sunbathing and partying.

An overview on the famous beaches of East Coast of America

Are you a water baby? Well, if you are you will definitely enjoy vacationing in the beaches. And some of the best beaches on offer are in the east coast of America. So, do you want to know about the east coast American beaches and what you should expect there? Read on.

The first beach that you must visit is the Manhattan Beach on the Coney Islands of Brooklyn in New York. Though Coney Island is packed with people, you will definitely find solace in Manhattan Beach. It is remote, quite and more importantly very economic. You will love it here. If fishing is your favorite pastime, you can spend some time at the South Beach of Staten Island.

Further down the coast you can enjoy the Ocean City Beach which is a great option for windsurfers. Once you are done with all the water activities, you can drive down to the Wrightsville Beach of North Carolina. The Okracoke Island Beach and Myrtle Beach are also wonderful getaways.

Have a fetish for adventure travel; South America is the place you need to be

Are you an adventure freak who loves to do something new always? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, it’s about time that you pack your bags for South America. It is important for you to understand that South America is just not a place of unspoiled beauty but of adventure as well.

For all adventure lovers, one place in South America that you must visit is the Angel Falls. This is the world’s highest waterfall and is located in Venezuela. You can hike through the dense forests here and enjoy the exotic fauna and flora. You must visit the Devil’s Mountain as well.

Another apt place for adventure lovers is the Patagonia region which you can access from either Chile or Argentina. This place has the Perito Moreno glacier and a plateau near the Andes mountain range. The diverse landscape and the varied climate make this place eco-adventure friendly. You can also visit the Galapagos, Amazonian and Inca Empire.