Kuirau Park, an attraction you cannot miss when in Rotorua

No visit to Rotorua is complete without a trip to its world famous Kuirau Park. The park is situated at the corner side of Lake Road and Ranolf Street and is quite near to the heart of Rotorua. It’s one of the best tourist hotspots well known for its 2 big steaming lakes, with the volcano in between, various mud pools and beautiful gardens surrounding the park.

The ideal time to hit Kuirau would be late summer or early spring. You will love the magnificent spring gardens and there is a vast space to wander around and get a sheltered spot for a nice picnic. There is also a barbeque zone, a restroom and a beautiful playground for your kids.

The prime most attractions here are its long bridges which cross the biggest steamy lake and the hot bubbling mud pools. The park offers free access and there are multiple tour buses to help you out.