Costa Blanca, a romantic getaway for you and your partner

Planning for a romantic getaway for just the two of you? You will not regret if you plan a honeymoon trip to the Spanish lands of Costa Blanca. In fact, the Guadalest town in Costa Blanca is acknowledged as one of the finest honeymoon spots in the whole world because of its tranquility and calm setting.

Situated along the Mediterranean coastline the Costa Blanca region greets the new couple with its warm clear waters, pristine sandy beaches and a fantastic weather which looks every bit as inviting when you are in search of a serene place to walk hand in hand with your beloved.

Moreover, Costa Blanca is a lot more than just the sandy beaches and relaxing waters. You two will surely relish the various aquatic sports especially scuba diving. Besides, you will also enjoy the fantastic restaurants, beautiful holiday resorts and the electrifying night clubs. And, yes do not miss the spectacular Castel de Santa Barbara which enthralls with its spiral staircases and drawbridges.