What should be on your must see list, when in Spain

Spain, the land of great warriors, tapas and flamenco music is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world with its rich history and culture. The country boasts numerous attractions and here is a small list of some must see sites in Spain.

Firstly, you have the ancient “Red Palace” Alhambra in Granada. The historical monuments are one of the finest blends of archaic Christian and Islamic architecture. Another such incredibly wonderful specimen is the Mezquita church standing highly with splendidly beautiful Arabic arches and pillars.

The magnificent city of Barcelona is another must see. The place is an amazing concurrence of both ancient and contemporary fashion and its incredible natural vista has placed it in the list of the most wonderful places on earth. Other attractions would be Guggenheim museum, the white villages of southern Spain, “Hanging Houses” and the Cathedral of Cuenca and the Roman ruins in Merida.