Planning to visit Amsterdam with your family, top 5 attractions for a family getaway

Planning for a vacation in Amsterdam? Well, the beautiful Dutch capital offers numerous splendid attractions which are sure to enthrall you and your every family member from the little master to the teen queen. Here is a list of 5 of them.

Firstly, take your kids to the Anne Frank Museum. It is situated almost in the heartland of Amsterdam and is the original residence where once young Frank hid from the notorious Nazi army and penned her diary. Then, a cruise trip across the canal is one of the best ways to relish the wonderful city.

Another important site would be Oude Kerk. The old church is a 13th century construction standing proudly as a fascinating testimony of the medieval architecture. These days it’s one of the prime centers of varied cultural activities in Amsterdam. The other two topmost attractions are the Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum. The first one preserves some of the authentic creations by the famous painter and the last one has been declared as the National Museum of Netherlands.